Problem selecting multiple check box from a category


the script you see below basically displays a 5 columns of categorys(check boxs).

if a user checks one of the category and hits the submit button it works.

problem: if a user checks 2 or more category’s from the list it just keeps spinning and spinning eventually the page times out.

the processingscript.php –> is called from index.php and the processingscript.php basically has: print_r($_POST);

Any ideas as to why?

category is in file called index.php

echo '<div>';
	echo '<table>';
		foreach($categoryArray as $key => $td)
		{	if($key%$setColumn == 0) echo "<tr>";
			echo '<td> <input type="checkbox" name="catselect[]" value=" '. $td . '"> '. $td .
			if($key%$setColumn == ($setColumn - 1)) echo "</tr>";
			echo "</table>";			
			echo '</div>';

to add to my post… it seems like the problem on appears in firefox and it works in IE…

  • I cleared cash, history…
  • disabled javascript
    nothing seems to fix this