Problem regarding

On I created a stack called “website designing companies.” The stack contains 52 links, but states that I have only 40 links in the stack. Could anyone please please clarify?

hmmm… I didn’t even know you could do that… looks like I need to get my delicious game up

Are all links effective already? Or are there some limits for the number of links? Try to be more careful and patient, and you will find the problem.

Haven’t had problem with stack in my Delicious account, anyway I agree, maybe you exceeded the limit, why not try to create another stack, and move other links there.

First off, thanks for replying lonking. Yes all links I bookmarked on are effective.

It’s seems you may forget to add that link to that particular stack when you added the link. Or that stack may exceeded the limit. Create another Stack and Try with that…:slight_smile:

I’ve already tried that. didn’t help.

Hmmm … from what I have read, there is a 250 link limit in a stack at delicious, so that can’t be the problem. Have you asked them?

Delicious is the only bookmarking site that I actually use to do what it was intended to be for - bookmarking things that I want to access later. I find it a great place to organize websites that I will need to go to for various reasons. It is instrumental in my whole organizational process, in fact.