Problem of Popular Posts are not showing horizontal!

hi sir

i have problem! kindly check! what is error on code :frowning:

What are you trying to do? From my eyes, nothing is wrong :slight_smile: . I’m no mind-reader though.

That’s like posting this

p {

And asking what the problem is? Nothing is wrong, I just secretly wanted it blue. You don’t know that because I haven’t explained at all.

sir it is showing vertically, i wanted to do this on horizontal!

The easiest way is to remove that extra <ul><li> you have in there. No reason to have it nested (and actually is causing issues). Once you remove that extra ul li, then you need to override the clear:both; you have going on there in another rule (good ol’ wordpress…)

.mpop ul li {
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Ultimately that top most <li> which holds that inner 3 list things (you want horizontal)…thats all within that first <li> which has a max-width :50px; due to your CSS. So if all <li>'s are 50px wide, and its within a 50px parent, theres no room for it being side-by-side.

thanks sir, its works now, okey i will check again about it!

Why did you have the float in there at all? It’s not needed with the display:inline-block;

actually, i was trying with multiple way! should i remove float: left ?

It’s not necessary, so I would. Also removes the need for the clear:none.

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can you recommend me any ebook! or any site, where i can clear these concepts! other then

Not to toot SP’s horn (note, I’m a volunteer here, not a paid employee), but the premium service (formally learnable) has some good ebooks on them is nice as well, though it’s more snippets of code and articles than actual tutorials.

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