Problem of first letter

I have function to send arabic notification email to employee , but when i open the email in outlook i see that the first letter of the caption (employee name) is trimed , but when i open the same email from other workstation i see the caption is complete (working fine)

Hm, that’s a bummer. What are you going to do?

And what has this got to do with PHP?

Aimy, if you want help, you’ll need to ask a question, and post some code for us to have a look at. It sounds like an HTML issue.

I have a few questions

  1. Was the same exact e-mail sent to both computers? Meaning, the two separate e-mail addresses where in the same TO, CC or BCC statement?
  2. If not, did you compare the two mail() calls?
  3. What is the encoding set to in Outlook? I think this is under the View menu… Does setting the correct encoding solve the issue?
  4. Outlook also has a setting that removes “excess” characters, I don’t recall where this is at, but when I get to work, I’ll search for it.
  5. If you reply/forward the e-mail does the missing character automatically reappear?