Problem in Showing recent data in Google Analytics

Hi Everyone,
i have been analyzing my website in google analytics, it shows “No data is available from the most recent 2 calendar days” there is some delay in showing data. How to Solve this one?

Have you recently linked your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts? If so, the message is normal. GA will inintially be a few days behind GWT. Even if you haven’t just done the link, the message is not unusual. Don’t worry about it. The missing data will appear soon.


Thanks Mike,
You are right one month back i linked my Google Analytics and GWT Tool, and the missing data is appearing after two or three days. anyways thanks for your time.

wow, that’s a strange error, did you try to ask on google product forums?

Yes, I tried and many of them posted the same question and also said they cant view data for 4 days. then only i remembered that i have linked GWT and GA. so it is obivous now that GA have to get data from GWT so its taking time to display.

GA doesn’t need data from GWT.

GA is always 1 day behind.

Thanks for the tip. I just linked my GWT the other day. Good to know this is what it was. Generally how long does it take? Just curious. Thanks folks.

If you are experiencing issues with recent data not showing up in Google Analytics, here are some possible solutions to try:

  • Check the date range
  • Wait for processing
  • Check for filters
  • Check for data sampling
  • Check for tracking code issues

If none of the above solutions solve the issue, it’s possible that there may be a technical issue with your Google Analytics account. In this case, you should contact Google Analytics support for further assistance.