Problem in progress spinner

Hi, I need your help please I have created a registration page and I have no problem when registering through the web the progress spinner will show,but when i tried in mobile devices,the spinner is not working,how can i achieve like in the mobile there is a spinner progress ?..,I have no idea on this since this is my first time to get work with my page to mobile…can you help me please.

Thank you in advance.

How are you making this progress spinner?

Hi StevenHu,

Thank you for the reply…I am still struggling on how to solve my problem


You will need to provide some more information in order to get help with this.:slight_smile:

For a start can you answer the question that Steven asked above?

It would be better if we had a link to the page concerned s that we can see what the problem is and then try to offer a fix. The more you help us the more we can help you.