Problem in my Js code

I have a JS file which is related to a Wordpress Plugin. It is a Quiz plugin which has a timer.
I have implemented a Pause and resume button which pause the timer and also resume the timer.
But there is some problems with resume.

Resume button code is similar to that of start quiz function but difference is that resume function takes the time of paused timer. But after pressing resume button the problems are:

Demo URL is here

  1. Pause button does not work after pressing resume button.
  2. After pressing resume, when time elapses, results page does not show as it does after pressing start quiz button.
  3. Quiz-summary button does not work.

Related JS file easy to understand

Actual JS file has variable names hard to understand i am but providing here. ACTUAL JS FILE

when you open related js file gists url, follow line no. 99, 1282 and 2013.

As i think problem can be solved if paused timer can be inserted in


But as i am not a JS guy, so it is tough for me.