Problem in Google Analytics?

Hi Everyone,
I recently made a web site and insert Google Analytics code in it. It shows Six (6) visitors in the beginning, but now one month passed and i know so many people visit my site,(i got so many comments on my posts) but still my Google Analytics only showing Six visits.
Is the Google Analytics of my site is not updating on regular basis?
Is there some error?
Or is this happen with any one else?
If yes please tell me the solution. What should i do now?
Your suggestions are required.
Thanks in advance.

This could actually be the result of a few things - is there anything other than a green check mark listed in the “status” column of your GA dashboard? Sometimes this can occur if there are conflicting scripts, conflicting filters, or the code is inserted incorrectly. Check everything and make sure there is a clear path for GA to track your stats.

Are there any errors in your Google Analytics code?
I think you must check it carefully first
If you do not find any problems them maybe the google Google Analytics is updating or in the repair

i think there will be some error inside the code. please delete your respected web site facing problem and readd the site once again to analytics and paste your code in index page where you want to track, particularly it must be under <head></head> section of your index page.

Do you used by directly pasting analytics code into your webpage ?? I think there may be some problem while you did this. Try to use some plugins (If you using WordPress).

NO certainly not, google analytics doesn’t show error . There may be a problem in your coding or some pages doesn’t get in to act. Check your coding in your site.

Where did you post the analytics code? I guess that may be the problem.

It seems like an error in tracking code. Check the analytic dashboard to verify.
Also you need to place the tracking code to every page you want to track. Check the source code of every page to verify.

Actually, there are many reasons why it seemed that Google Analytics is not tracking your website. It could be due to incorrect tracking code or incorrect filter settings. Sometimes, the reason why you’re data in your reports isn’t changing or you’re not seeing any data at all, could be because of an error from the Analytics tracking code. If you’re copying the code from Google Analytics, I suggest that you paste it directly onto your website. Copying and pasting the tracking code in notepad before putting it onto your website may add extra spaces or change the quotation marks. Keep in mind that the Google Analytics tracking code is very particular in account- and profile details. So, double check the tracking code installed on your website if it matches the code indicated in the account. Moreover, incorrect filter settings may also influence the data you see, and could by chance filter the entire data from the reports. Such things happen because of multiple Include filters.

Thanks a lot every body.
I re-enter the code and my problem is solved now.
Thanks to every one who participate and help me:)

The Problem in Google Analytic:-

  1. Missing transactions.
  2. All transaction sources are your website.
  3. Tracking third-party e-commerce platforms.

If you’re using WordPress for your website, try plugins like Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast. It’s very powerful and let you track external links too!