Problem in getting file contents when application is deployed on server

The following code is inside index.html of my application and it works when I access my app via web browser in the following manner:


By works, I mean, I can see the 3 files getting downloaded in csv format with 3KB of size.

const requests = [
].map(file => {
  return fetch('file:///C:/jack/file/JACK/' + file)
    .then(response => response.text())

  .then(contents => {
    const zip = new JSZip()

    contents.forEach((content, index) => {
      zip.file(`file-${index}.csv`, content)

    return zip.generateAsync({ type: 'blob' })
  .then(blob => {
    saveAs(blob, '')

Scenario 1:
However, when I have my application deployed as WAR file in tomcat, I access my application in the following manner from the web browser :


In this scenario, the above javascript code doesn’t completely work. I mean, it downloads the 3 files but the size of the file is 0KB. This makes sense since I am accessing the website over HTTP and my files
should be served by the server.

On windows, how should I modify this line of code return fetch('file:///C:/jack/file/JACK/' + file) so that it starts working in this scenario.

Scenario 2:

Similarly, when I deployed the WAR in the tomcat running on RHEL server, I am accessing my application in the following manner:

In this scenario also, I am noticing empty files are getting downloaded when I used the above code with this change:

return fetch(‘/srv/users/JACK’ + file)

Move the file so that it is somewhere on your local server.

Thanks. So for tomcat server, I am wondering where should it go?

That will require someone else to come along that knows something about tomcat.

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