Problem in displaying number format with comma and two decimal places

Good day!

I use round syntax in displaying my computation and the result is correct. but it has no comma.
Like for example the result is 3020, I want it to 3,020.00

I have this syntax:

$Amount = round(($Hours/8)* $Rate, 2); 

but when I tried number_format it displayed correct but I think the data or the amount is wrong because I sum amount in other earnings before i change the format, the output is 5524.28, but when I change my format of my amount the sum of other earnings and amount become 2507.88, so the data that get in amount is only 3.6.

i only want is adding comma, with changing the real amount or data.

Thank you so much…

i would suggest taking a look at the string functions of php and create your desired output yourself.

Thank you…i will look for that…