Problem in displaying data in a table format


Good day!

I have a problem in displaying of data from database in a table format.

I attached my codes,

fab_spv_reports.php – where you can select OP Number to display the table that I got a problem on displaying.

By choosing OP Number kindly type SR131127001 then press the arrow down key in the keyboard, then press Enter key.

get_fab_spv_process_reject_list_search.php – is the php code for displaying of table.

Also I attached my database, sample screenshots and the design that I desired to display.

I hope somebody can help me to display the data in a table format which I desired to display.

Any help is highly appreciated and also feel free to ask me if you have question.

Thank you so much.

If you post the code and screen shots in your post it will make it easier to get a reply - many will be concerned about downloading an unknown zip file to their local PCs.