Problem in AJAX filter

Dear pullo,

Thanks for posting your code for AJAX filter demo.
I am developing a website for online food order. I have implemented your filter code but I am facing some problems. So I have 3 questions/problems and I have struck up. if you can answer these questions than I shall be really grateful to you.

  1. Your data is populated in the table. What, if I want to populate this data in the Div with designing just in the screenshot attached herewith.

  2. Instead of PDO I use myMySQLi extension for database connectivity so how to change the code ?

  3. I have to use pagination also on the product display page.

Here is the screenshot of my products display page, which is very well designed using DIV’s. I want to apply this AJAX filter on my this page and want the filtered results to be displayed as it is in the current format.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & regards,


Perhaps if you targeted your question at the wider forum (as opposed to just at a single person), then more people would be able to answer, giving your quicker responses.

As for your questions though:

  1. Link us to the code so that we can give specific answers.
  2. Just by learning the basics of PDO, you should be able to convert the code to use the MySQLi API.
  3. That’s not a question, it’s a statement. Even if it was a question (of how to convert Pullo’s AJAX filter demo to use pagination), by simply Googling how to create pagination should give you some sort of idea on how to do it (or at least give you more specific questions to ask the forum).

As the OP also posted this in the JavaScript forum, and that version has links to give some context, I’m closing this topic now.

Please see Ajax filter to continue this discussion.

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