Problem Importing Javascript

Hi guys,.
I’m developing a simple web application using php and javascript. I use magicsuggest-1.3.1.js for building searchable/autocomplite combobox, and it works fine.
Then I use jquery-1.4.4.min.js for building Datatables (Editable), and it works fine too but searchable combobox doesn’t work.
If i don’t import jquery-1.4.4.min.js, searchable combobox works fine but Datatables doesn’t work.

Maybe they have the same properties, I guess.,
any solution?

*I’m sorry for my bad english



According to the docs for MagicSuggest, it requires jQuery 1.8 or higher, which explains why it doesn’t work when you add jQuery 1.4. There’s nothing on the DataTables site to suggest it won’t work with the latest version of jQuery, so try loading the files in this order:

  1. Latest version of jQuery
  2. DataTables library
  3. MagicSuggest library

Also check to make sure you’re only loading jQuery once (before the other scripts) on the page.

Thx a lot fretburner,. I’ll try it :Thumbsup