Problem getin mysql results


I am new in this forum, and havent read yet the rules, so i apologies if i am breaking one of of them.

I have a database with 3 fields, ID, post_date, post_category,
i am trying since 3 hours to get some results that i want.
So what i am trying to do is:

group the posts by xx category, and order them by date , to get the latest post from that category.

Any help will be really great for me.

Thank you for reading this thread.

SELECT post_category
     , MAX(post_date) AS latest
  FROM daTable
    BY post_category

Hello, thank your for the fast answer, but i want to get the LATEST posts from XX category , i have pasted this at my function, but it dont get the results i want. any idea why ?

you’ve been given what you are asking for. However do you mean you wish to display ALL columns along with the latest record for each category?

nvm, ifound the problem, it was a problem in my database, thnx for the support. rly thnx

EBKAC strikes again. :slight_smile: