Problem creating curved Arabic text at runtime with as3

I need to create curved Arabic text which can be change at runtime by input from Text Field. Currently I am using Text2Curve AS3 component. It works fine with Latin symbols, but I have several problems with it when it come to Arabic text:

  • First problem is that Arabic letters comes in four different forms: end, middle, beginning and isolated. But Text2Curve AS3 component shows them the same.
  • Second problem is that Arabic text shouldn’t have any gaps between letters. But in component you can only set one letter spacing for all symbols. So some of the symbols overlap, while other have gaps between them.
  • Third problem is that Arabic text is written from right to left, but Text2Curve AS3 component only supports left to right. (I solved it partially by reversing input string)

If someone have had similar problem, or know better component/library (paid or free), or can event create one please let me know. Also I am working with Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5 and I don’t speak Arabic. So it is quite hard for me to check if Arabic text is good or not. Thank you in advance.