Problem aligning things in different browsers

I have a sign-in area on my website that I have problems aligning in Chrome, FF and Safari. On FF I need a different width for the sign-in div in order to align it to the right side of my website. Also, for the text underneath the sign-in area, how can I get it aligned with the correct input?

The site is and the area I am talking about contains the “Sign in” button

Thanks in advance

It seems to look much the same to me in Firefox and Chrome.

If you want the text to align automatically with the input then you would have been bettter grouping them together so that they behave as one block. e.g. wrap a span around the input and around the anchor and use inline-block and set the anchor to diusplay:block to start on a new line (or float them as a pair).

As it is you could just shift them with a margin:

#resend_password_link span {margin:0 85px 0 0}

Oops I meant internet explorer. The forgot password text is slightly misplaced. I will try you suggestion. Thanks

Paul, I implemented your inline-block suggestions and it seems to fix the problem