Pro bono contract template?

Although I’ve done a number of jobs for paying clients, and (with help from the people in this forum) put together pretty much of a beast of a contract, I’ve never done a pro bono job with a contract before now. I’ve volunteered to do a small site for a local community outreach program, and I’d like to do the job under a pro bono contract. Because I’m lazy, and because I have the legal skills of a paramecium, I’d love to adapt a template or a contract that’s already out there. There are plenty of paid contract templates out there, but I don’t seem to be able to find a good pro bono one. I don’t want to adapt the contract I use now unless I really have to, as so much of it is not applicable for a pro bono job, and I’m afraid I’ll leave some important consideration out.

Anyone got a link to a freely available pro bono contract I could change around? Thanks, folks.

Found one:

Interestingly enough, this very thread comes up #1 in a Google Search for

pro bono contract template

I use the EXACT same contract that I would for any job.
The project is estimated, bid, whatever and on the payment terms page I extend a credit for $xxxx to zero out the bill.

If there are changes, legal, procedural issues than the full contract is signed and in force.

As Sagewing stated, there is no need to alter your contract for a paid job versus a pro bono job. The only thing that would be adjusted is the invoice that you provide, which would reflect the fees that would normally be paid, are now waived. There shouldn’t be any other changes that would be necessary as you would want the same rights, deadlines and penalties for the project no matter what you are getting paid for it.

I came to that same conclusion. I modified the contract I use for paying jobs and am going to use that one. Thanks, guys.