Prize Giveaway Fine Print

One of my clients is doing a giveaway over a prize valued around $700. To enter people simply enter their email address into a form. Winner will be randomly drawn at beginning of 2012.

The client has not budgeted to have an attorney draft up terms and conditions and doesn’t expect to do this more than once.

That being said has anyone seen some U.S. based boiler plate (fine print) that would be acceptable for copy and paste into this giveaway. The rules are all straight forward but I know through some of the bigger contests we’ve been involved with in the past we usually have an attorney provide us with documentation to post on behalf of the client. Alternatively is there a very affordable place online to purchase pre-made legal documents that might be appropriate in cases like this?


TRUSTe should be able to help.

Thanks Pinkypainter - I actually didn’t find anything there but it’s a good resource no doubt. I’ve seen their badges before but never investigated. Seems like they provide a great service from a privacy standpoint but is limited to medium to high-end users due to pricing.

Thanks for pointing it out.

You need to be careful when using a prize give away. The FTC regulates these promotions.

Further, all 50 states have laws concerning lotteries, so make sure your drawing is not considered a lottery.