Private invites function

Hello everyone!

Our current site is on wordpress and we’ve been using it as a cms platform. We’re satisfied with it so far but we’ll like to add in a new function to the website and was wondering if there’s any ready made plugins or system available.

We have biweekly offering and promotions to a group of selected subscribers (different people everytime) and we would like a plugin to send out emails to the selected few so they can click on the link in the email to register for the offerings/promotions on our website.

The website will then process the registration and export the content into a Microsoft Access format.

In addition, we’re wondering if it is possible to generate random and different code to each invitees which is needed when filling out the registration form. In short we don’t want people who isn’t invited to register in the form if somehow those who wasn’t invited manage to get a hold of the email link from other members.

It’ll be great if you guys can suggest similar system/plugin available on the market right now. Alternatively something close to what we want and we can further customize it according to our needs. We don’t have a lot of budget to develop this function.

We don’t mind if it’s outside the wordpress system either as long as it works.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you guys soon!

Best regards,