Printer support in browsers is uneven and, well, hellish. The print section of the CSS standard is as much of a joke as the screen support of CSS was in the days of IE 4. Not to mention every browser prints the document url on the top and bottom of the page whether you want it to or not.

Currently the company I work at uses a plug in called Script X to control the printers. It’s an unstable and rather nasty little beast with the lovely side effect that it mandates the use of IE 7 on systems. I’d like to be rid of the thing.

What I’m currently considering is since the “web” pages in question are on a controlled intranet I could use CUPS to link the server to the printer in question and just have the server send the print job to the printer itself.

But I still need to transcribe the HTML to Postscript before doing this. Any ideas on how to go about this?

Exactly. I already have the code that does the print routing, it was just the generation part that was giving me pause since without it we’d need to maintain multiple views.

This what your looking for?