Printing spreadsheets?

I haven’t been able to find any instructions for this by searching the net, so thought I’d ask the resident experts here on the board.

I have an Excel (2003 Professional) worksheet with 44 tabs (pages) showing down at the bottom and I’d like to print all 44 pages at once.

Right now, all I can figure out is how to print one at a time which is time consuming.
How can all 44 pages be printed all at once?

I also tried printing with Open Office and it keeps on cutting off the right side of each page but at least I can print all 44 pages at once.

There doesn’t seem to be a way of getting the program to print the page wider than how it’s printing now.

Anybody know how to do this in Open Office Calc?

On the print dialogue there is a section called “Print what”, in that selection select “Entire workbook”.

Thanks, but when I do that it continually chops off the right side of the page and puts the chopped off part on a second page.

No matter how wide I tell it to print, it always chops off the right side.

View > Page Break Preview

Adjust each worksheet print area so it prints without cutting off the edges.

Choose Print “selection only”. Go on page preview and fix your page format. Have the orientation be on “landscape” so that it won’t chopped to parts. You can adjust as well the margin.