Printing SitePoint Content?

I use to be able to print out SitePoint articles or posts with no trouble at all a long time ago. Now that most browsers have been updated, FireFox, Opera, IE, Safari, etc I’m not able to print them as before, either the text goes off the page or I have to scale text to font sizes of 8pt or lower = insanity. Is there something I’m missing to print the articles out, browsers certainly couldn’t have gone backwards in print support and I know they haven’t gone forwards since the support is lame anyway. Anything to point me in the right direction would be great :wink:

Thread Tools -> Show Printable Version

And in the articles there is a print button within the article (top right hand side) which will take you to a printer friendly version of that page. :slight_smile:

I already know both of those methods for print, I still have the same issue.

I think it’s a local issue for you. Have you changed printer or printer driver recently?

I’ve got a new printer and printer driver but I think I have printed articles/posts with no problems before. I’ll checkout whether that might be the issue :wink:

The printer driver is not the issue, its the browser or SitePoint’s CSS. I have a few screens below showing the problem. The first screen shows the printer friendly article version in FireFox, the second is the default print preview, the third shows the settings for the page setup (and how I’ve unchecked the ‘Shrink to fit Page Width’ checkbox) and the fourth shows a print preview seen with the modified settings. That last screen is how I use to print articles off SitePoint but the text actually fit on the page and the text is easily readable. The second screen shot is where the text is unreadable which is my only current option for printing.

Hey Xelion,

Where did the fourth screenshot come from? Are you able to print from there? It seems pretty reasonable for now.

In any event I have brought this to the attention of the appropriate folks, so hopefully we can get some mroe answers for you. :slight_smile:

All screen shots are taken from within Firefox 3.6… and are current. The fourth screen shot demonstrates how text is being cutoff and that is the issue I’d like resolved so I can print whole articles not pieces.

Cheers for forwarding this problem to the right folks :wink:

I’d also like to add that ALA’s articles print fine through Firefox 3.6 and since I use to print those out as well a while back, this means that SitePoints CSS-Print coding is definitely the issue :eye:

Xelion I think it’s a local issue for you, i just tried print preview for both an article and a forum thread (both normal and printer-friendly) and none showed any signs of text being cut off.

I have the shrink to fit option checked and it is still readable. What’s the readability like for you for a printed page?

I know with 100% certainty its not a local issue. I’ve tested the print preview on 3 different machines. I need proof to believe you… :nono: open Nifty Navigation Tricks Using CSS sitepoint article in a new tab in Firefox 3.6, then goto File>Print Preview, then click the ‘Page Setup’ button and uncheck the ‘Shrink to fit Page Width’ checkbox and click OK. Then take a screen shot and post it on here. This screen shot will match my fourth one exactly. By default Firefox’s ‘Shrink to fit Page Width’ is checked.

As stated in my earlier posts printed pages are difficult to read.

Without the shrink to fit checked, printouts have been cut off for me for years no matter what browser. On a side note, when set to landscape with the shrink to fit turned off it fits.

It might have been changed for printing articles and threads with long lines of code.

I can replicate this, yeah.

I’ll ask around.