Printing out in a3 or across 2 a4 pages?

Hi sorry if this is in the wrong bit, and also if it is a basic question but i cant figure it out, and hopefully someone here can.

Made a document in illustrator, A3 size, and want to print it out on my home printer, spread across 2 A4 pages. How would I go about that? Just for an assignment and the tutors can be pretty picky, and states it has to cover 2 A4 pages, magazine article style.

Any suggestions?
Kind regards


I just tried a little experiment, making an A3 doc and going to File > Print.

There were various options, such as Do Not Scale, which I chose. There is a little Placement box, which allows you to place the Ai doc on the A4 page, so if you click the top left corner, you’ll basically get the left hand side on the first print, and then on the second print, click the bottom right corner to get the other half of the doc printed. See screenshot. does that help?

Tried that, good idea but alas did not work. missed stuff around the borders and did not marry up right with each other. Many thanks for the suggestion though!

I have saved it in eps, jpeg etc and was thinking word may have a solution? Not a clue as of yet though


The theory is correct. Essentially you are tiling the document however most printers have an offset whereby they print out from the margins. Unless you are familiar with your own printers tolerances you won’t get a perfect match without reducing the size of your document.

Some printers are capable of borderless printing which should give you a good march provided the offset isn’t huge.

I’d be tempted to find a digital print shop that can whip off a single A3 fir you cheaply if the given solution isn’t something you can live with.