Printing out a html order form

Gudday all
After quite a lot of work I have made an html order form for my wife’s site. I have managed to get a print function to work somewhat, but am rather dissatisfied with the overall result.
Looking over these fine fora the consensus seems to be to have a pdf page to print out.
Can I convert the existing html order form into a pdf version relatively easily (and cheaply)?
Or am I better off just using Word or Publisher to recreate and then save as a pdf?

[font=verdana]Printing from HTML+CSS is notoriously unreliable. (Screen display isn’t a whole lot better, but there are bigger problems when it goes wrong in printing, such as the edge of the page and page breaks). While it’s fine for general text and information, anything where the layout is really important (which it often is for a form) may be better done as a PDF, especially if it is going to fill most of the page and so not leave you much margin for error.

If you’ve got a static form and you’re going to offer it as a PDF, you might as well take the time to create it from scratch in Word or similar, so that you have it absolutely right and optimised for print. In the grand scheme of things it won’t take long at all, and the benefits of having a properly designed printable page are significant.[/font]

Hi there,

There are a number of free online HTML to PDF converters, some better than others.
Here’s one that seems ok:

But, as Stevie said, it’s better to make the form in Word (or any other text editor), then download and install Cute PDF, then you can save your Word document in PDF format (via the print dialogue).