Printing HTML documents


I need to print out a PHP/HTML page so that it will look like a MicroSoft word document.
The document will vary in length from one document to the next depending on the amount of extra information entered into each template but all must print in the same manner - i.e - the person’s details must start to print at the top of the page. The next section like personal interests must start at the top of a page.
All the pages need a header and a footer that must only print and should not display on the page that displays in the browser.

I have tried CSS page break after as well as page break before but this hasn’t worked.

Is there any way that I can do this???

Thanks in advance

What happened when you tried the page break before and page break after?

Did you try using the widows and /or orphans settings?

I don’t know of a way for the site to turn off the header/footer settings of the browser, but you can create html that is only visible for specific media. I generally set up a print.css and make my menu and other select items to “display: none” to keep them from printing. You can use the same feature to make a header visible only for print.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas.