Printing, hides content due to Ad placement

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We do have print style here. (File → Print Preview)

Can you explain the steps to reproduce your problem and provide an image?

Here it is, I did what you said, still the same:

I prefer to read from paper and so always print my notes. Sometimes I have to cut and paste somewhere else.

It would be really good if you can fix it.


Ah, thanks, now I understand the problem.

When we worked up the Print CSS the forum did not have the advertisement.

I don’t know if it would be OK to not show it when printed, but I think it should at least be OK to move it so it isn’t over any content.

@cpradio any ideas? could you do another PR if it’s an easy fix?

* I’ll look for selectors in a bit - before - I dismiss the ad

@assembly21 for now, if you close the advertisement before you print, does that work for you?

@ophelie/@ralphm, looks like we could resolve this using (fairly certain it is safe to assume whatever we disable for mobile, we could disable for print)

@media print {
  .hide-for-mobile-SP { display: none; }

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