Printing double sided with InDesign


I’m using InDesign CS to make a double-sided post card and am trying to print some mockups to see how they look but the alignment is slightly off. I print the first page, turn the paper over, then print the other page 180 degrees rotated, and horizontally the crop marks on both sides line up perfectly, but vertically there is about a .5" difference.

Any reason why? How can I fix this?

Did you adjust the margins on top and bottom? They must be calculated reversed – Datura

Interesting point… how do I adjust the top/bottom margins?

I set all margins at the beginning to .25", is that what you mean?

I set them in page setup under file at .25 top and sides, .56 on the bottom, but I work in PS. Should be the same for you though. I think that is the standard “need” for the printer. Try it. I had a similar problem with greeting cards when I started out doing stuff like that. Maybe it will help you – Datura

Thanks, I’ll play around with that tonight

Nope, that didn’t work :frowning: Any other ideas?

Is there a chance you might share the file with us, or a “fake” file that’s set up in the same way? That way it’ll be much easier to find the problem.

Here is a sample of what im trying to print dbl sided

I think I know whats going on,
This is what bugs me about home printers
They can’t do full bleed prints and the ones that can fake it.
You have to understand your printer cannot print to the direct edge of the page and has small margines where it physically can’t print
This is really frustrating for me becasue I require exactitude in my workflow so I avoid inkjets for this reason.

My Hp’s are about .25" off around the sides
.5 off the bottom and .75 off the top.

Even my good printer that has a duplexing unit does it…

The printer that I have that does full bleed does it by streaching your image to make it off the page so none of the precise measurements work inside.

The only thing that I can suggest other than making a proof at a local printers is somewhere there is a margin button that allows you to select your printer as the printing guide.
I will look for it the next time I’m at a comptuer with ID on it.

Hope this helps

thanks, if the problem is just my printer then Im not too worried, although I’d like to print real proofs from my home