Printing an [] from a mysql table

I have a mysql table I run a select on

$sql = 'SELECT optionName FROM providers_options WHERE providerID = :id';
$prepare = $conn->prepare($sql);

$parameters = array(
':id' => $id

$provider_options = $prepare->fetch(); 

W"hen I print_r($provider_options) to see the resulting array, I only get 1 result, but when I run t he query, I get 4.
Is $provider_options not the resulting array?
what is?

No, it isn’t the array. You just got the first row. You need to iterate through all rows. Something like this…

while($provider_options = $prepare->fetch()){

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Or, as it’s PDO, you could use fetchAll() to get the entire result set into an array.

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