Printer Suggestion

Hey Everyone,

I’m needing to buy a new printer. I’m looking for something specifically good at reproducing logo’s, graphic’s and website comp’s for client meetings. Something bigger than LETTER would be nice but not exactly mandatory. Speed isn’t really an issue. I’m looking for quality and ink availability as the 2 primary criteria and would like to keep my purchase around or under $200. I have a huge copier / printer for mass printing and quick B&W prints so this is specific to comps.


Canon are my favourite (been using them for eons). However something to consider which no-one else has thus yet mentioned is the price of ink. You should ALWAYS enquire as to how much the cartridges are going to set you back on average and how many quality prints you can expect to get on each… because the ink will always work out more expensive over a period of a year than the printer (a high quality print can cost upward of $2+ depending on the ink consumption and paper used! :slight_smile:

Take an HP. You can never go wrong. Cannon would be my second opinion.

I’d be looking primarily at Epson, HP and Canon inkjets if you want good ink availability and quality. They’ve been producing printers for a long time and while 200 isn’t a huge budget (is that US$ btw?) you should be able to get a solid performer in that price range. Most of the inkjets are capable of at least 600dpi without blinking and for comps this should be plenty. (I have a photographic bias and have found that Epson and Canon’s produce good results, Lexmark is one company that I’ve never been impressed with but that is just my opinion).

These companies usually have different tiers of inks available too, for everyday use through to archival quality. Third party ink suppliers will also be more likely to support their models too.

Colour laser printers have come a long way in recent years too, but their quality varies a lot and I’d be much more picky about finding one of those to purchase.