Print in css using checkboxes.the problem is record do not remain on same position

I will be really grateful if you could help me with a problem . Actually I have a got an html table with each record in the table having a checkbox. When i select the checkbox, each record must be printed on different pages by clicking on a print button.This is working fine. But on each page the position of the records is not the same.On each different page, the position gets a little down compares to the previous page

i used this line
<a href=“” onClick="if (!e_Select(document.fRe_list)) alert(‘Nocheckbox selected’); else if (e_Confirm(‘<%= sConprntMsg %>’)) trial(document.fRe_list); "><strong><u>Print chosen checkbox</u></a>

please see if you could help me

This is a JavaScript question, so I’m moving this thread to the appropriate forum section.