Print a list of selected items

I want to be able to have a site visitor select several items and then print a list of those items and maybe print an image as well.

I am comfortable with HTML and CSS. I use a little PHP, and I know about MySQL (I let Word Press build it.) :slight_smile:

I want to learn more about how to program PHP and use databases, so pointing me to a good book and or example will be a help for me. Since this is something my daughter wants done, pointing to a pre-made solution will make her happy (I still want to learn.)

I’m not aware of any jQuery that could do what you’re looking for, but please jQuery specialists, correct me if I’m wrong. I think you have to look in the direction of server side scripting (for you PHP), in this case…

Have a look on the PHP Forum. I’m sure that one of the PHP guru’s can help you with this, or otherwise ask one of the staff members to move your post to there

A good site where you can find basic php and MySQL lessons go to

Craig, unless the people at W3Schools have started updating their site, their material is often out of date or entirely obsolete. I’d go elsewhere for up-to-date PHP info, though their basic intro material is probably okay.

Thanks, I have done that, but will likely be back here for more help with other aspects of my daughter’s website.