Principles for creating an animated video?


I am a new in this field and and want create the animations for my site, so what are the main design principles should i follow for creating an effective explainer video?

Welcome to the forums, @davidrobert2k16.

I’m somewhat puzzled by your question, which doesn’t really square with your profile:

An IT expert and professional animator and graphic designer

Perhaps you could explain your issue in a little more detail, as your question is a bit vague. What do you mean by an “explainer” video? Is it a tutorial?


I think you are talking about the Gif image. If it is then you can read this blog… this is ultimate solutions for beginner : The Ultimate Guide to GIFs: How to Create Them, When to Use Them and Why They’re Essential for Every Marketer

i was also curious to know about GIF IMAGE, Thus i read this blog and found easy way to create Gif Image. I hope it will helpful for you.

Please share the review… if it is good for you.

It’s not very clear what the OP wants, but somehow I don’t think it’s GIFs; he’s asking about creating a video.

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