Primary key issues with new database

hello! i’m hoping someone can help me out with an issue i’m experiencing. i’m a noob in regard to web development so please bear with me.

i am creating a site with a listing of clubs and i want the urls to direct to the actual club’s name. initially, i created the database for the club info without an id section, instead opting to make the name portion the primary key and index to create urls that would be easy to remember…www(.)domain(.)com/?name=(club name).

i inserted the first listing and tested the page and link and it worked fine, but as i added additional club info listings to the database, i found that each query string ?name link took me to the first listing in the database.

so, i guess i want to know if there is a work around or if what i’m doing is considered bad practice? any assistance anybody can offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!

you will need to show some actual code

from your description of the problem (“each query string ?name link took me to the first listing in the database”) i would guess at this point that you have a problem with your application code (php or whatever), not a database problem