Preventing bots from causing impressions and/or angering google

Hi. I have a bot which does some management, moderation, and some random things on my site ( mostly b/c I don’t want to modify the codebase that the site uses, or take time to figure out the db schema ).

I want to start placing adsense ads on the site, but I’m afraid google might think I’m up to something fishy with this bot constantly poking around.

I read on the adsense faq that its ok to “view my own page” (just no ad clicking!) but this is a little different, so I want to tread carefully.

Does anyone know if this is ok? Alternatively, is there a way I can let adsense know about this bot, or prevent the bot from causing impressions? I don’t think I can change the UserAgent b/c the bot uses MSIE and FF strings since it supports Javascript.

I couldn’t seem to find anything in the google support groups. Thanks for any ideas or info.