Prevent printing ink from drying?


Have to ask since I have a feeling that there are people out there that are much smarter than I am.

Rarelly using my printer. But each time, the print ink cartridges are tried up while far from emptied. Occasionally, I can get a few of them working after cleaning a dozen times, but I usually need to buy at least 2-3 new ones to be able to print.

Is ther any way to prevent this? E.g. to store the cartridges in plastic wrapping the the fridge or in some damp place? Or any other way that you know works?

I don’t know of a solution to your current problem, but I had the same problem and when I needed a new printer I bought a laseryet instead, as toner can’t dry out. Worth to keep in mind for your next printer.

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I put about 1mm depth of printhead cleaning fluid on a saucer and put a blocked cartridge onto that to soak for several minutes; then dry the head very gently with paper towel. There are an number of other techniques on YouTube.

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