Prevent mixed content error when embedding HTTP frame inside an HTTPS parent

When I embed an HTTP frame inside an HTTPS parent, I get a security error in Chrome & Firefox. Is there any workaround to use an iframe tag without getting this error?

Not really my area but from general reading around the web it would seem that you need to serve the iframe page over https as well to avoid security issues.

Many thanks for the answer, Paul! But I cannot do that.

So the only two alternatives left are to either serve the main page using HTTP instead of HTTPS or to split them up so that they are not both displayed at the same time.

Where a page contains both HTTPS and HTTP components the person viewing the page does not know which parts of the page are secure and which are not and so the message that the page is not all secure always gets displayed so that the person is not mislead by the HTTPS in their address bar into thinking that the page is secure when it isn’t.