Prevent Iframe from refreshing?


I have a weird problem, i am intiating a file download from a iframe,

however, when users now click the download button they get the yellow toolbar to give permission (this is fine), when they do give permission, the whole page reloads, and so does the iframe, basically cancelling the download, as it shows the download button again.

when users click the download button a second time, it works fine and the download starts, but is there a way to prevent this from happening so they only have to click download once?

Thanks in advance!

Is there a “target=_parent” somewhere in your code?

Anyway best would be you build an example, as complete yet short as possible to truly and fully show the problem and nothing else, test it seriously, then upload it somewhere, and post here your question again, with a link and explanation so we readers can test your example and see its code.

Versailles, Tue 11 May 2010 17:13:00 +0200, edited (added title) 17:14:20