Prevent Direct Access in PHP

I want prevent direct access of my some webpage. I do this in define('##', TRUE); methode but it not works when I load website in a div in jquery via $('#id').load('mypage.url);
How I achieve this goal and prevent direct access but work in load function in jquery

You don’t. It’s not possible.

The question is about JavaScript and posted as a PHP Topic?

Try the following to see what $_SERVER variables are being passed then only display if the variable has been passed.

// PHP 
echo '<pre>'; // adds line feeds
   print _r($_SERVER);
echo '</pre>';
die; // halt browser execution 

because i run the code on PHP code.

Not understand , how i implement with $("#divhere").load("myUrl");

What is the URL that you want to prevent direct access?

What is required to make the URL visible?

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