PrettyPhoto Gallery Not Working

I have the page linked below. The first three thumbnails are videos and have a working tag of rel=“prettyPhoto” but the next table of thumbnail images have a tag of rel=“prettyPhoto[1]” that is not working. Can anyone take a look at the page and tell me where I have went wrong?


Thanks in advance.

Todd - Are you trying to get the lightbox effect to act just like the videos when clicked?

I am wanting the still images (there about 50 of them) shown in the second table under the videos to display as a gallery or group of images. The PrettyPhoto site mentions to add a rel tag like this:


I have moved the page with the rel tag of rel=“prettyPhoto[1]” to the link listed below. The gallery portion of the plugin is still not working.


Try using the latest version of jquery with the prettyPhoto plugin…perhaps the grouping functionality with prettyPhoto wasn’t implemented to be compatible v1.2.6 of jquery.

Also i would recommend placing an id on the table containing the images and targetting the prettyPhoto links using $(“#myID td a”).prettyPhoto({…}).

Good luck

I tried using the jpquery.js file that was packaged with the script and it made no difference.

I also tried adding the jquery statement to the bottom of the document but it still will not work.

Here is a link to the new document location.