Preserving sound on pageload?

I have an issue with a website that i implementing.
The customer wants a sound to be played at all time when go from page to page.
But how do i preserve the sound when the page is being loaded?

Frames is not an option in my world? There must be a way arround
I have heard about ajax but my knowledge about ajax is little.

The CMS that i am using is joomla 1.5.18

Does anybody have a solution and had a simular challenge?

It really scares me that people are STILL doing this kind of thing, I can’t really add much to the above other than mime a face-palm moment :frowning:

Whatever happened to web professionals knowing their trade enough to advise their clients for what’s going to do their businesses the most good.

A better solution is to just link to the sound file. Then it will play completely independently of the web browser.

With an iframe you still have the issue of working out whether or not the person wants to play the sound at all and once 1997 comes around you need to replace the outdated iframe with an object tag instead in order to update your code to use HTML 4.

The solution is to try to persuade your customer that he is asking you to do a really, really stupid thing, and then you won’t have to worry about it.

And that isn’t just being lazy, it’s the truth. Websites that start playing any kind of audio file without prompting are among the most irritating websites out there. There are many reasons why most people don’t want web pages to play sounds at them all the time, ranging from being in an office or other quiet environment (eg on a train) through to wanting to listen to the radio/TV/other music while working.

If a webpage starts playing music or background noise at me without me asking it to, I’ll spend roughly one second looking for a way to stop the noise, and if I can’t stop it playing in that time, I’ll close the website and never return to it.

I’m sure I’m not alone in that…

Not to mention that any solutions involving iframes and Ajax will completely screw up the accessibility and usability of your site, so the chances are that anyone who either likes having noise played at them or had their speakers turned off so didn’t notice it will find it so frustrating trying to use the site that they will eventually give up and never return to it.

Never mind - found a solution with IFRAME :slight_smile: