Prerequisite to learn phonegap?

I am an android developer. But I am seeking to learn Phonegap these days as the requirement of the work.
What is the Prerequisite to learn Phonegap like HTML,CSS and what else i need to go through as I have no idea of Web development and these langauges.

You’ll need a good understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript to work with phonegap.

Do i need to learn JQuery also…?

Depends on what you want to do in the interface. jQuery isn’t mandatory but you’ll find it simplifies how you write javascript to make changes to the page. Yes, you should be familiar with what jQuery does for you as it will probably help you out a lot and let you do more.

Thanks Mark!
Well, that’s going to consume a lot of time…all the 4 languages as I am not familiar with these languages…although I have started learning HTML from lynda online courses.

HTML and CSS are very closely related so you’ll learn those two together. is one of the better resources I’ve seen for beginners but there are many good resources available. Good luck.

As the others said, you’ll need to learn HTML and CSS and be able to make web pages with them. You DON’T need to learn Jquery; as a matter of fact, Jquery can slow the performance of the app. You’ll want to have some familiarity with JavaScript to edit such files if you want interactivity in your app.

PhoneGap setup requires a little familiarity with node.js, setting up your PATH statements on your operating system, and familiarity in the IDE of the mobile platform, such as Xcode for iOS (must use a Mac for this), perhaps Eclipse for Android, and other software packages for developing apps for Win8 and Blackberry. You’ll need to use the Powershell console in Windows or Terminal app in the Mac, but you can get by with just a few key commands.

You should be familiar with the website – read all the documentation.
You should be familiar with the Apple Developer program and what’s allowed and not allowed in iOS apps.
You should familiarize yourself with Android documentation to know what do to.

I don’t mean to scare you off, but developing apps is a huge undertaking.