Premium Member Code Assessment

Howdy All and in case anyone has missed the notification email concerning the NEW feature. Premium members can assess a great selection of code example projects. For a few different frameworks and languages required for frontend and backend Web Dev’s.

As a beginner and looking for some real-life coding scenarios and more then following. Or more like mimicking someone by following their exact steps during a YouTube video.

These offer more of a challenge for you to apply what you have learned. And search for what you are not familiar with. Unlike Frontend Mentor these have a working sandbox, tips and hints. As well as some starter files and a testing environment.
They give you more of a real-life experience to test yourself and measure your growth.

To find them when you open the site, go to the Library Tab. After selecting it look down to the 3rd Navbar option for Assessments.

Enjoy and happy learning as these will help bring you to the next level in your development journey.

Peace …

Follow the link to the Sitepoint’s Assessments page collection of assessments.


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Thanks @mrwmrutski1 ! Which assessment have you tried? We also have a page with some additional information on our coding assessments introduction.

We would love your feedback and any requests you have!

Hello and thanks … I am currently looking at the first 2 JavaScript Assessments. JavaScript Fundamentals && JavaScript General Programming. I have more time working with HTML and CSS.
JavaScript has more of a learning curve for me and these allow me to take a break from studying.

The Express Assessments are next on the list …

I start going off on a tangent or get frustrated or distracted quickly while reading a book or watching a video.

These allow me to devote 1 or 2 hours exploring what I learned yesterday. Or if I only have an hour to invest these are perfect for that.

I also like to read as well as watch videos on the same subject. I would read the free online copy of Eloquent JavaScript and then try to find a YouTube video to support. Or provide an extra live example of what I just read.

This provides a one stop shopping experience using these against the other JavaScript content you provide.

Back at it …enjoy the journey and if it seems hard, then it is!! Work harder and it will come …

Peace …


Great to hear! We love our new assessments because being able to put what you read into practice can sometimes be a lot harder than you think.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, requests, feedback or criticisms!

Mark - SitePoint