Preg_match 2 letters and digits and echo parts of the string?

I am using this regex: (^[A-Z]{2}[0-9]*$) to match similar sting: dadasdasd_ES212121

How do I output:

ES and 212121 separately?

If this how it should be done?

$string = "dadasdasd_ES212121";

if(preg_match('/\_([A-Z]{2}[0-9]*$)/', $string, $matches)){
    echo $matches[0];

preg_match('/([A-Z]{2})/', $matches[0], $preg_country);
echo $preg_country[0];

preg_match('/([0-9]*$)/', $matches[0], $preg_id);
echo $preg_id[0];
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Simple example (this site is very good for regex testing)

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