Preffered URL style (subdomain vs /username)

I’m building a simple e-commerce app where each store should have it’s own URL. So I wonder, what style do you prefer?



Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve gone for /username as it looks clean and its the same style as Twitter and now Facebook. Useful poll, also of interest to me.

Depends. If the stores are different, I would probably prefer a subdomain. If they are just different sections within the same store, I’d say /username.

Since a subdomain usually maps to a directory when all subdomains are hosted on the same server, wouldn’t it be easy enough to do it both ways?

Really, I’d probably want my own URL for my store, not some subdomain or slash url. You can always centralize the checkout process to use a single SSL cert.


for different stores I would use the subdomain variant.

Having the subdomain infrastructure in place, you can easily allow people to point their own domain names to their store.

Lets say someone has a store called Nike at nike_yourstore_com, you could offer him to create a NAME entry for their domain (lets say www_nike_com) that points to yourstore_com.

In you webapp you would then lookup the right account by the hostname supplied in the HTTP header (as you would do for the subdomain anyway).

On the downside, you would have to buy a wildcard ssl certificate, which is more expensive than a single one for the yourstore_com/nike variant.

All the best, Philipp

PS: scaling up might be also a bit easier using subdomains, because you could simply partition between servers based on the subdomains.