Preferred ways to display project images on my portfolio?

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I’m currently in the process of redesigning my portfolio website and as part of this I’m looking at overhauling the project page “template”. As you can see from the example below I currently use a slider to show the main parts of a project, have a write-up, followed by more “thumbnails” and finally a link to the project and to go back to the homepage (or “wall” as I’ve called it).

My thought is to bring the project images and description in line with each other for the desktop and tablet viewports and then simply stack everything for mobile viewports. However, as I will only have enough real estate to have thumbnails what would be the preferred ways to have interaction - or should I rethink again?

Of course if you have any other recommendations for my site let me know!

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Slightly off-topic, but why do you call the homepage the wall? It’s not a term most website visitors are going to understand.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…to be different haha.
The main reason it’s called that is because on the homepage there’s a “wall” of projects but in hindsight it isn’t the most obvious terminology!

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Does any have any recommendations or examples of good practice for this type of development that they could share? I’ve had a look at various blogs which show the “top” portfolios and sites such as the Awwwards website but to be honest a lot of these appear to be experiments and are actually hard to navigate.

I’m not one to boast but in comparison my site is easy to navigate and quick to load - it just needs a bit of updating to current trends and some other tweaks.

One thing I would like to see, rather than simply Next and Previous Project would be the name of the project, and is there anywhere I can see a list of projects, so that rather than moving from one to the next I can look for projects that interest me?

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If you click on Wall at top, you’ll see all the projects.

Do you think having a CTA saying “View all projects” rather than “Back to Wall” would help with this?
Also maybe featuring a selection of related or similar projects at the bottom of each project page?

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I believe links on a website need to be clear. If by “wall” you mean “all projects” then why not label it thus? I said before that most people won’t know what you mean by wall.

I’m not sure I would call it a call-to-action, it’s just a link as far as I can see. CTA would be “contact me” or “buy now”.

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I actually like the way which the portfolio is displayed. I can see thought went into the presentation of work. My one recommendation would be display the print projects as photographs of the actual end product. I always find that seeing print projects as completed, printed pieces looks more professional then just the graphics.In regards to the site design and ux I think overall it is fine. It isn’t breathtaking but works well for its purpose. That being said I found the color palette a little off putting. Perhaps a different color choice would make the site seem a little more inviting. I also agree that using portfolio instead of wall is more clear. I would also recommend a html version of your resume which can be viewed without having to download a pdf or doc file. The HTML version doesn’t have to look like your print resume merely be available to view online with good typography. I think if you used a slightly more colorful palette the site would come of as a bit more creative and less underwhelming and a more complex palette would offset the simplicity of the layout nicely. I think you could get away with black and white + vibrant color like HUGE does.

If the first page background was a brick wall in the BG (or any other obvious wall texture), and the images had spaces between them to show the “wall,” then the term would be instantly clear.

If the wall were 50% gray, that would suit its purpose fine and not be too obtrusive.

Wow thanks so much for all of the feedback!
I’ve taken on board everything that’s been said - from naming my buttons/links more effectively and how to better display my projects. I’ve got plenty of photos showing the print work in use so it was about time I published them!

I agree that the colour palette needs a refresh. My thoughts initially are to go for a “premium” look with an off-white background as the header for all pages but still keep the blue, orange and yellow to signify the different project times (albeit more subdued tones of those colours, and only used subtlely for the titles), just as a cue to where you are in the site.

Ideally I’d like to build a database and master page for project pages so I can automatically set it to pull through related projects and make it easier to manage - at the moment it’s very manual to update. What would be the best way to go about doing this?

Thanks again for all of your feedback!

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