Preferred number of words

Is there any advisable number of contents and characters that you must write provide for your certain pages per website?

Just enough, but not too many.


I’m curious as to why you’ve tagged your topic “SEO”.

For whom are you intending writing; real people visiting your site, or search engine bots?

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I´ve recently looked into this, the general rule of thumb should be 500+ words for index pages and similar, and 1500+ words for blog posts for maximum SEO efficiency. However, it is important to use common sense.

It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is whether your provide enough information for your visitor to accomplish their task. That may be on paragraph or 5000 word essay.


Many years ago there were some that believed Google “read” only a limited maximum amount of any particular web page. For example, if Google read only the first 5K characters of any page, and a page had 7K characters, the last 2K characters would not be included.

This lead some to consider “above the fold” content to not only have importance because that’s what many visitors would see first, but to also be important because that is what Google would only see at all.
A related idea was that a page should not have more content than the “maximum amount” that Google used.

Do you think Google has any such “maximum limit” today?
Perhaps it does, but if so, would not some of the many “single page” websites have noticed by now?

There is no rule as how many words are good for any blog post or web page. However, more important thing is the information you provided. The depth of the topic you covered. The freshness & uniqueness of the content. If you cover the topic in lesser words than your competitors but your content is in depth, spot on and you covered all information needed for the topic, it’s going to be a perfect blog post or web page content.

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