Predict your t20 world cup winner

Australia,srilanka,indies and pakistan have qualified for icc t20 worldcup.Which of these teams,you think,will win this year?Lets see whose prediction comes true.I guess Australia will win

I am not a fan of Pakistan but i guess this Pakistan will win this T20 world cup 2012.

I think Sri Lanka will win this cup.

Come on guys, you can do better than that. At least explain why you think your chosen team will win, so we can have some kind of discussion here. If this thread just turns into a list of teams, it’s going to be closed really soon.

Australia win the World Cup 2012.

I’m not going to make a prediction until after the competition has ended. It’s tough to predict these things now that some fool ate Paul the Octopus. (I hope that guy has gone to jail … or at least that he got indigestion.)

I hope that the Australians will win, but don’t expect them to, because they are struggling a bit these days.

Sri lanka

not other than west indies. bcoz they such talented all rounders

i think austrailia will win but im not sure about it …

Thanks for the fascinating insights, guys. Now let’s just wait and see who wins. :slight_smile: