Pre-made template CMS (Joomla, etc)

I always wanted to make a website.
It’s easy, but I want a community website.

I was thinking about forums, but I don’t want a community in forums.
I had an idea on a website but I forgot it.
Maybe a site where people can ask or get help on anything.

I used Joomla a while ago, and was stumped! It was difficult designing (rings a bell) the website.
Rings a bell! My site was where people can post their images and videos made!
Like using Adobe software. People can post what they made using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc,

Anyhow, so I was looking for joomla templates where they had everything! Navigation bar, pages, etc. A whole CMS.
Couldn’t find any…

Can anyone tell me a website that has Joomla templates?
If you disagree on Joomla being my CMS, tell me what software you agree on and why? Where can I get templates for that software.
Please help me create my site by answering the questions.


Joomla suits for your requirements. You can find joomla templates at

Wordpress is my personal favorite. You can consider buddypress, which is an extensions to build a community site with wordpress.

let me know if you require further help.

I didn’t really know wordpress would work. Never knew that you can create a community with it.

Go to MightyTemplate website and get a template there.
As for your choice - install JomSocial component for Joomla and get full-fledged social networking site.