Praying the crip away

Though I’d post this here. It’s really about abuse and disability but actually the part that struck me most was how destructive the “I’ll pray for you” stuff is. I don’t think anyone who beats a disabled person really believes they’re doing it For Great Good, but the praying folks actually mean well. So I guess that’s why it stands out to me.

I recently just read a bit of a similar story (in Dutch) of someone I follow on Twitter… it ended up being published in a newspaper. Not sure how great Google translate or similar would be with this:

Long story short, she’s at a bus stop with her guide dog waiting for friends to join her for a walk, when a nervous young guy comes up and says he’ll pray so she can see. She’s also a Christian and has the time so decides to tell him that if god wanted her to see, he’d have her see, wouldn’t he? And otherwise, she is who and what she is, and that’s not a terrible thing and she’s not a terrible person then, right? And the young guy said that was good food for thought, he hadn’t seen it that way.

But that’s asking a lot of time and energy to need to constantly explain this, and I know a lot of people either in person or online who have to deal with this rather regularly.

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