Practice Interviews?

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for conducting practicing for a job interview?

Some community colleges allow non students to participate in these.

Friends & peers work but the ideal person is someone you feel you look up to or are in some way fearful of (i.e. that colleague who just knows everything). You don’t have to practice the whole interview, no two will ever be the same anyways, but you do need to duplicate pressure while working to explain your background.

What’s your 1 minute pitch on you and your 2 minute pull to get them to talk about what they need and how you would fit in. That’s what sets the tone and makes the interview be on your terms.

Sometimes I wonder if “interview practices” could be harmful. If I ever meet someone who says the same answer as other 1000000 people… then I’ll quickly forget your interview. Also, what you “say” in the interview is not the entire factor of getting the job. For example, keeping an eye contact, asking “smart” questions, smile at jokes or giving jokes, and etc… I’ve seen many cases where people were getting hired by their “friendliness” then their skillsets as well. After all, they’ll be working w/ you for long time so they want someone who they can gel quickly. I would do few interview practices but I would not print “1000 most asked interview questions”. The best candidates are the one who smiles a lot and actually enjoying the interview.

If you do Practice with your Friend, then you will get idea on how to face difficult questions, tell them to ask random questions from the list of Top 100 interview questions.

The honest truth is if you know what you’re doing an interview shouldn’t be a problem. There will be no loaded questions, and any employer looking to hire someone to do a job isn’t going to pull any trickery to make sure that a qualified person doesn’t get the job.

The best “interview preparation” you could possibly go through is to talk to a fellow web developer about web development. This is basically what you’ll be doing in an interview and if you can talk about web development then you can do it with an employer.